About the Region of Drama

Viticulture first appeared in the region of Drama thousands of years ago. Myth has it that Dionysus himself introduced the local lords to the secrets of the vine, and that they, in turn, later helped spread its cultivation to the rest of Greece. A plethora of archaeological finds confirm the basis of the myth, the most important being the excavation of a temple to Dionysus that dates back to 400 B.C., located at the heart of the region’s viticulture zone.

In the twentieth century there was a gradual recovery of the viticulture with the creation of model vineyards covering thousands of hectares and modern vinification facilities, resulting in the production of internationally recognized quality wines.

Drama timidly started cultivating new varieties

and made its mark on Greece’s ‘wine map’. Its wines have won medals and have been distinguished at international wine competitions, which resulted in significant increases in wine exports to international markets, while, at the same time, Drama’s wine labels held top positions in Greek restaurant and wine bar menus.

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